First I crossed the United States...

First I crossed the United States...
From Miami to Vancouver

... Then I decided I wanted more

... Then I decided I wanted more
and rode through Canada from Vancouver to New York



Dear friends.

I am in Canada. Paul France and I split near Oregon. I learnt a lot from him about Chi, Mexican Beers and Kuwait. Thanks Paul. Then I passed alone the crowed Portland and Seattle. Clouds over there but not rain. Crossing the Canadian border took me five minutes. What a difference with those other fucking countries like Uzbekistan or Russia. The worst is the place the most difficult is going in.

Anyway, I reached the beautiful Vancouver in a short trip from Bellingham, Washington, where I had night in a new friend´s home. I am travelling now with Alex, a 22 years old guy who rides an old but well kept BMW K75. He is young but he is really bitten by the bug of Adventure Motorcycling. He wants to ride the whole World next year. And I am sure he will do it. What a brave guy. I met him because Chris Dave, the Guard Angel of all World motorcycle travellers, gave him my e-mail. Thanks, Chris for taking care of me all along my American Way. I really appreciate it.

Now we are in Priceton, in the mountains of British Columbia, heading Calgary, Alberta, where we are going to split. The weather is still Ok. Is getting cold up the hills but dry. No snow is expected soon so I will be Ok.

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