First I crossed the United States...

First I crossed the United States...
From Miami to Vancouver

... Then I decided I wanted more

... Then I decided I wanted more
and rode through Canada from Vancouver to New York

Back to USA


Hi, friends, here we are, back to the United States, the country I rode from Miami to San Francisco on last November (2008) and December (2009) . First at all, I have to say how lucky I was. I flew from Madrid to London very early in the morning and when I arrived there, the United Airlines clerk asked me if I preferred to take the next flight at 10 am instead mine at 5 pm. “Of course I want”, I said. “Ok, you are in waiting list for the next flight”. Well, not only they have place at 10 am. The place for me was in Business Class! Oh, dammed luck! I have always believed such kind of miracles only happen to others guys, but in the right moment (11 hours flying) I was one of those fucking “others guys”. Some of you ask why I am now a believer. The answer could be me lying as long as I am (not too much, that is true) drinking wine and watching selected films in a personal screen. But not every one is happy with miracles. I confessed mine to the guy beside, an old man who were playing golf in Europe for his holydays, and he didn’t appreciate it, perhaps because he paid thousand dollars for the same seat.

Anyway, I am happy to be here. Is very estrange to be riding a place I was riding before. It does not surprise me as it did the first time, but in the other hand is much better because now I can meet good friends as my cousin Rosa and her husband Kip, who both picked me at San Francisco airport. They have kept the American Blue in their home garage for 8 months. Thanks so much for it. The bike was Ok, and even the battery worked well. Or friends like Stephen Burns and wife, who always give me a bed in their wooden home in a forest near Los Gatos. Stephen fitted a GPS on the bike and gave me as a gift one of his hand made devices: the World famous fuel pump bypass for BMW motorcycles. The funny story is that the first time I heard of such devices i was in Istambul from Pascal, a Australian guy who had had a fuel pump failure.

Other good friends here are the great Paul France and his wonderful family. They all love Spain, specially Jill, his wife who have been learning in Toledo for a while. The happy Camper Family have given me a shelter in Roseville, near Sacramento, and all the cold beer I could need. Paul and I have been riding the Gold County, the high mountains and the clear rivers where some guys found gold years ago and became so crazy. "I was born under a wandering star". I have found around here something better than gold, friendship, and I expect my craziness will last all my life. Soon I will ride North. I hope not being frozen there.

Keep safe.

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